Alaska is doing everything to offer you the best service.
In case you are dissatisfied about our services, please inform us about your claim and we will come back to your comments.

In order to find a solution your claim will be treated with care and in consultation with you.

Your claim or comments will be treated as follows:
we try to solve small claims immediately without the use of a form. (Simple complaints we try to solve directly, there is no form needed.) You discuss the problem with the employee.

In case your claim is more complicated, please address your claim to Alaska:
-by email to
-by phone: 056/22 26 02
-by letter to: Alaska ESV, 8510 Kortrijk, Engelse Wandeling 76

When do we speak about a claim?
In case you have addressed your claim in written to Alaska.

Persons in charge
Your claim is always submitted to the Managing Director of Alaska ESV.

Claim procedure
-You will receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours
-the claim is provided with a unique action number
- You will receive a definite response within 7 days on you claim or you will at least be informed on the handling process of your claim. You will receive a final response within 7 days on the complaint or at least informed on the progress of the handling of complaints.