Your trustee in business

We know a starter needs a solid partner who is approachable and attentive. Through our concept of "one-stop-shop" you have one fixed contact point that lets you control everything in order to start growing. We have a lot of knowledge in-house. Our guides are ready and will show you the way in the entrepreneurial world of figures, legislation and contracts.

As your guide in the fascinating discovery trip of enterprise, we can guide you in the fields of:

  • Independent entrepreneur or a company?
  • licenses, aids and grants
  • Administrative obligations (Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, VAT, tax returns, first employee, ...)
  • Creating a financial plan
  • Credit applications
  • The organization of your accounting
  • The formulation of contracts, ...
  • The application of a trademark, patent, ...
  • Your optimal payroll and social security contributions
  • Practical advice on professional expenses, VAT, taxes, collection of invoices, finance, insurance, ...
  • Win-win loans
  • Tax shelter for starting companies
  • Crowdfunding

We also start Startups from A to Z, with experience in the different areas of the IT sector:

  • E-shops
  • Websites
  • Gaming
  • App developers,
  • ...