Personal future planning

Seeing clear for being ready

 Is the financial, tax and legal structure of my company optimal? Do I use the possibilities of pension accrual as a manager? What about my organization when I drop out?

Water and oxygen are essential for human survival. Solid financial strategy is equally indispensable for a healthy organization. Also in private life, financial planning and personal life are inextricably linked.

When making important decisions you will not pass any chances. You better take control over the future, rather than undergoing it.

 Alaska can assist you in the following areas:

  • Pension Planning [cf. Infra]
  • Succession planning
  • Power Planning
  • Follow-up planning

Our experts will assist you with your personal financial analysis and planning. At Alaska you will receive expert and independent advice. Subsequently, we will design a customized financial plan for you, including all financial and fiscal aspects.

Pension structure is necessary for you as an independent company manager. It is very important that you understand this investment properly to get enough grip on it. With our neutral and unobtrusive review, potential optimizations, risks and savings are mapped out for you at a distance.

This review includes:

  • Alternative payroll systems for you as business leader
  • Tax optimization for you as a business leader
  • Screening your portfolio
  • Protection of pension capital in case of illness, accident and retirement
  • Protection of heirs by beneficiary clauses

Do you need advice on personal future planning?

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