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VAT stands for 'Value Added Tax'. The price of the product or service is increased by the VAT percentage determined for this. Currently, rates of 21%, 12%, 9% and 0% apply in Belgium. So it can get very complicated. All the more so as the tax – applicable in Belgium since 1/1/1971 – has evolved into a tax sent from Europe.

The VAT legislation can therefore cause a lot of uncertainty. That is why it is important to have a good overview of your VAT situation. In this way you can obtain VAT benefits and avoid VAT problems.

Alaska can assist you with your VAT issues, but also to guide you through this complex matter. This both nationally and internationally for both the profit and non-profit sector.

Some examples

  • Annual customer listing
  • Intra-Community declaration
  • Support the application prior decisions
  • Assistance with VAT control, disputes, regularisations
  • VAT real estate and construction projects
  • VAT representation
  • Reclaim foreign VAT
  • Foreign VAT registrations


VAT Square  developed a number of tests for certain common scenarios that you can access via the buttons below. By completing the questions, you will find out whether you need a VAT registration in a few clicks:

Domestic Supply of goods

Supplies of goods with installation

Construction services

Distance Sales B2C


Do you need VAT advice?

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